Sunday Evening Sentences (part 4)

January 15, 2012

I can’t believe that it’s already 10:30pm.  I am not ready for Monday.

I am carrying a lot of stress around.  Mostly because I have a stressful job, but regardless of where’s it’s coming from, it’s not a fun thing.

When talking about the year ahead with Leslie and any goals we might want to make, I realized that there is very little that I am actually looking forward to.  Maybe it’s part of growing up, but I am not overjoyed about even things like heading to Texas for 2 weddings in one weekend in March(which I am pumped about).  I am thinking about the travel, and asking off for work, and trying to squeeze in everything in 2 days, and the pain of having to prioritize people, and do it all with a 1.5 year old.  Liz Lemon needs to come tell me how to have it all.

Shepherd has graciously allowed us to have a social life once again.  He fell asleep in a pack-n-play at a friends house on both Friday and Saturday night, making for a very fun and friend-filled weekend.

Shep has also exploded in the number of words he knows.  He’s been babbling constantly since before Christmas, but we made a list of the words that he could say when we got home and the list was 15 words total.  I now have trouble even remembering all the words that he can say at this point.  It’s enough that we’ve both been convicted about what and especially how we say things when he’s around.  A one and a half year old should not be picking up sarcasm.

Redeemer started 1st Corinthians today and it’s a welcome return from the Advent season and exciting to know the direction we’ll be headed for the next 18 or so months…..but it’s a serious book full of serious words from God about serious stuff in our hearts.  We’re seriously not ready.

Leslie hasn’t shaken the pie thing.  She keeps dreaming of a pie shop.  She’s also dreaming of a house.  Hopefully I can convince her a pie shop out of our home would be enough.  The future? no, that’s not contributing to my stress……..

The news in Kansas City is unbelievably bad.  It’s a reoccurring joke in our house, especially on the weekends when the put in the “B-team”.

Leslie got a sweet deal on a gym membership because her friend Molly is moving to Argentina for work until May. She went for the first time tonight, and was super excited. Something about “thank God i’m not doing crossfit”. I don’t get gym humor.

I’ll leave you with two photos from our outing this afternoon to look at Downtown KC from a really cool statute of an Indian riding a horse (feathers not dots).  Kissing Shepherd



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