sunday evening sentences (christmas edition)

December 27, 2011

yes, i know it’s monday. but i drove overnight twice in four days so that i could see my family for christmas in jackson mississippi.  so my body still thinks that it’s sunday.

and no, i’m not doing that again. and i don’t suggest you try it.  Shepherd did do his part and slept during the trip.  it’s leslie and i that are giving the executive veto.

i’m very experienced driving long distances overnight.  i have a game plan, and i’ll share it with you. an early evening nap works great for me, which works well as leslie will drive until tired and then wake me up.  once i’m driving, there are a few things that help keep me alert and awake.  i like to have my ipod for two types of audio, the first being interesting spoken word stuff (sermons, this american life, radiolab)that gets my mind working and heaps of music to shuffle through.  i don’t often listen to a whole song, as that’s when your mind starts to wander and you’ll drift off into sleepy land.  i’ll shuffle through hundreds of songs, making connections and thinking of memories i associate with them. familiar songs work best for this. i also have a hard candy to suck on (cherry lifesavers), something sweet (hershey’s bar), something salty, and something with protein (salted almonds for this trip – 2 for 1). I suggest a caffeinated soda over coffee, as you won’t drink the coffee once it gets cold, but you’ll drink the soda even if it’s no longer cold.  you want to space out the caffeine and interject it with water.  yes, drink water on a road trip. it really keeps you awake and you’ll have to stop for gas anyway. move your body in any way possible.  I drum, dance, run in place, and click my jaw with the music.  and if you didn’t think ahead enough to put on comfortable clothes that match the weather your driving through, then this list isn’t for you.

i really love the west wing.  Molly let us borrow season two (she has the box set), and i still love it.

funniest tv character= liz lemon
tv character i would most like to be friends with= jeremy from sports night
tv character i most want to have dinner with= josh lyman and toby zeigler

i found out who had my paperback copy of pilgrims progress. it was my brother jon. i’m pretty bad about remembering to whom i loaned my books.

as amazon prime gets better and better, i get closer and closer to getting rid of netflix.  i’ve already given the axe to the dvd service, but my prime renewal is 2 weeks….. decisions, decisions.

also, i’m probably going to get rid of facebook.  but i’m thinking about upgrading to the new timeline, then organizing my digital life on facebook, only to download it to my computer and ditch my account.  Instagram and twitter have already replaced it in practice.

blogging for me is more about consistency than content.  if i get myself into a rhythm of putting sentences together, i will have something to say.

winter has been very mild here in KC so far.  but now that we’ve got Shepherd some boots (thanks grandma), we’re ready for the snow.

we’ve been watching the harry potter movies in sequence, and tonight we watched the half blood prince.  i had already seen it, and it is not the best of the lot in my opinion.  i haven’t seen the deathly hallows part two, so at least there’s a reward at the end of the it.

our christmas tree was VERY dead when we got home left.  i had to take it onto the balcony to take everything off the tree, as the rainstorm of needles would have been the undoing of our vacuum.  next year we are going to a christmas tree farm and coming home with a freshly cut tree. decision made.

i successfully surprised my wife with several presents she had no idea about (she loves surprises), and she got my a bottle of Glenlivet 12.  I guessed that it was scotch the minute i picked it up, but was very happy that she choose it’s contents so well.

i’m looking forward to epiphany.

we had a lovely time having dinner with craig short.

i found out tonight that our friend gloria furman is writing a book for crossway.  i’m very excited about this.

i have a silly way of thinking and or talking in hashtags. even when they are called for.

that about does it for tonight. i have an 8am meeting.


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