sunday evening sentences (part 2)

November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving is finished.  We had a delightful time with Leslie’s mom & dad up from Texas and her brother, his wife, and two sons who drove down from Chicago.  Kansas City turned out to be the perfect meeting place.  It had been 10 years since the last holiday when they were all together (he’s the chef at this restaurant).  His wife Shari and I sat in the corner playing cards and asking ourselves “what did we marry into?!?”

Christmas time approacheth.  I am eager to see the decorations on display at church (I heard some of the planning with a local seamstress – think huge ribbon banners). It will also be exciting for us to participate in keeping Advent with the rest of our church family.  We had picked up the tradition of Advent readings and thinking only a few years ago from our friends the Daskams and Blacks. This year will be different with so many people keeping these holiday traditions together, and I am looking forward to the newness this difference could bring.

I had a jarring thought about the nativity story that I have overlooked until tonight.  It’s so shocking to think about someone coming to your door and asking for help and turning them away.  If got a knock on my door, even in the middle of the night, and there was someone crying for help that their wife was going into labor, I wouldn’t think twice about helping them. How awful would it be to not only refuse to help them, but refuse on the grounds that you disapprove of their lifestyle choices? sheesh.

Those were longer sentences.  Here are some shorter ones.

Shepherd is identifiable in his nursery classroom as the kid who drools a lot. very proud.

We decorated our Christmas tree tonight.  Our family tradition of dead trees by Christmas looks pretty solid for 2011.

Leslie has joined both twitter and instagram in the past week.  Results are still pending.

Discovered this morning that Seryn will have a Christmas album. Also noticed that they spelled Julian’s name wrong on their website.

I went 48 hours without a work email.  That was a first.

Only 19 days until Ben Warren and the Smiths come to visit.  Only 4 days until Handel’s Messiah.  Only 2 months until Lady Smith Black Mombazo.

I mixed the sound at Redeemer during the 9am service for the first time.  Ruined the audio recording with a click track for an unknown length of time.  Turns out, accidentally pressing the c key on the keyboard in front of me turns that on.  blerg.

You may have noticed that some of these sentences were typed prior to sunday.  i cheated.

questions in the comments will be answered.




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