sunday evening sentences

November 14, 2011

I don’t always tweet, but when I do, it’s like 5 times in under a minute.

My wife has a big crush on Beyonce, and I approve this crush.

It was fun to be hired to do the lighting at the Hotel Phillips Re-Launch party. It was more fun to attend said party. Chocolate whisky = good times.

Gonna get pyscho-analyzed this week for a project that an addictions counselor friend has to do for grad school.  We’ll see how deep the crazy goes.

We heard the best preaching on Jonah 3 this morning. Salvation belongs to the Lord.

Record day for use of the term “for realsies”.

Leslie is still considering chopping off all her hair.

A stressful yet successful trip to the outlet mall merited a knee length camel coat for Leslie and a Columbia fleece for me. Total spent? $70.

And if there is anyone from KC that reads this blog, I am now the de-facto sales rep for production services at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.  Yes, that does mean I can attend any dress rehearsals I want.

I have been singing  i’m so tired by the Beatles today, and now it’s time to mean it. Goodnight.




One Response to “sunday evening sentences”

  1. Katie said

    A post! A new post! I am so excited! ^_^ Found this weeks ago and have been prowling around waiting for new words to read. Happy to hear things are going well with you three! ❤

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