homecoming day

August 29, 2011

on august 29th 2010 we woke up in a hospital. shepherd’s doctor told us that he wasn’t coming home that day because he wanted to keep him for more observation because he’s eating skills still were not as strong as he would like. after the doc’s had changed they’re minds on shep’s homecoming date twice that week we were not happy receivers of this news. we stomped our feet and talked to our nurse lauren. she talked to the charge nurse tara (our hero) who told the doc that we felt his reasons for keeping shep were lacking and that we wanted to take shep home that day. he came in a while later looking frustrated with us and told us that he was not aware that we wanted to bring shepherd home. as you can imagine, my first thought was WTF?!?! why did he think i was crying? why did he think i got so furious when he told me shep would have to stay indefinitely to “wait and see” 5 days earlier? this man was CLEARLY out of touch with his patients. we then told him that we did indeed want to take our little guy home with us that day (DUH!) and 3 hours later we were doing this:

our little shepherd came home after 66 long, amazing, dark, hopeful, hard, faith testing, life changing, marriage strengthening days. its been one hell of a year for sure. it’s taken a looong while to come out of the sticky funk that sort of settled on us in those days and the days following. but shepherd has been such a beautiful testament of God’s faithfulness. through all of the muck that has been thrown at us this last year we were able to take it and say if God got us through those 66 days He can get us through anything. He has and will continue to prove this to be true.
here’s shepherd’s homecoming video. definitely just cried watching this again.


shep @1 week with archimedes:
shep today with archimedes:
we’ve come a long way baby. so proud to get to be this little guys mama.
we love you all and wouldn’t have made it out on the other side without all your prayers.



One Response to “homecoming day”

  1. Anyah said

    We are so happy that you guys have made such progress with Shep. Isn’t it amazing? Hard to believe people don’t believe in God when you have your own personal little miracle walking in your midst. HUGS from the Martini!

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