when i say “this week” i really mean….

July 4, 2011

a lot more weeks later. oops. turns out my concept of time really changed when i became a stay at home mom. lots of things really changed when i became a stay at home mom. i go more days than i used too without showering (and for those who know me well will know that’s a lot of days), i don’t say full sentences sometimes all day until jesse comes home, i sometimes don’t eat a full meal until dinner after master shepherd is sleeping, i say one syllable words over and over in hopes that one of them will stick-“ball” “duck” “block” “drum”… you get the point. but, i also get to be here for times when he pulls himself up with only help from the coffee table, i get to feed him new foods and watch him experience things like chicken, lima beans and chick peas for the first time (AMAZING!)…he hates the lima beans. i get to teach him how to wave hello and goodbye. i get to read to him and kiss his little face as much as i want…but i don’t because then i wouldn’t get anything else done. I LOVE THOSE CHEEKS!!! so all of that to say i love being a stay-at-home mom. i.love.it.
i also love this city. i told some friends earlier this month that i have never felt like i belong somewhere quite like i do here. i don’t get out of this apartment often but when i do i love kansas city. i don’t know what it is. it’s not exotic, its not mountainous, or have a view of the water but i love this place.  it feels like home.
i bake more, i cook every night, i get to keep my house clean and make my husband laugh because neither one of us feels like we’re living in a black hole of depression any longer. all in all kansas city is good for our souls and i like it here.  God is so good to put us here. i.am.grateful.
well who even likes reading blogs without pictures? no one. not even me. in fact i wont even ready a whole blog post unless it has a picture or two. so just so i’m not a huge jerk to all those bloggers who dont post pictures i will post some- mostly of my child….actually all of my child. he’s my job now you know.

love to you all. and have a happy july 4th!


2 Responses to “when i say “this week” i really mean….”

  1. Haha, yes, no one reads blogs without pictures. And, I sure as heck won’t read a blog post by either Jesse or you, without some cute Shep pics in it! Anyways, this post brings so much joy to my soul! So many answers to prayers. I have to say being a stay-at-home mom must be way cooler with a kid outside of the womb, than inside the womb. I can NOT wait ’til that day. Love you, friend!

  2. Heidi said

    I am so so happy that you are where you belong. i freaking love you!

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