House, M.D.

June 7, 2011

Leslie and I just finished watching the season finale of House.  We haven’t seen every episode, but we’ve been watching it regularly since 2009.  We were just thinking about how House needs Jesus. Real bad.  He’s someone with such great talent that is marred with tremendous angst.  He’s got dead muscle tissue in his leg that is a source of constant pain.  And he has tried everything to medicate that pain.  Vicodin primarily, but every other kind of drug, alcohol, women, and adrenaline you can think of.  His most recent one was an experimental muscle building drug that ended up causing tumors and resulted in a botched bathtub self surgery.  The only time he’s not inflicting pain on himself is when he’s dumping it all over everyone around him, especially on the people who care about him.  Sometimes, they even come across as the irrational ones on the show, just for loving him or being his friend.

Leslie gives up on this post at this point.  goodnight leslie.

The point of this is that the writers came up with this flawed protagonist(a sick doctor) and have spent 7 seasons exploring every avenue to dissect and display that pain. It’s left the supporting characters to literally be chasing him down the hall asking him why he’s doing the things he’s doing. House leaves defending himself and avoiding them through sarcasm only to end up seeing himself in the dying people he’s fixing.  But no one ever fixes him.  I’ve always taken it for granted that they wouldn’t fix House, because of course the premise of show would disappear.  But now that it’s obvious that the show is coming to some sort of conclusion, and it’s heartbreaking to know that they won’t ever point him towards the only solution that could possibly heal his pain. Leslie and I half joked that the only option hollywood could come up with is for him to be killed off, either by suicide or some freak accident.  It would be their conclusion as to how someone could survive with that amount of pain, the message being that you can’t. Or some shallow soliloquy about karma and how death is a fitting judgement on people who hurt the only ones that love them. But more than even the constant pain in his leg, Jesus is the only possibility that could heal the greater pain in his heart. And it’s the one thing they won’t write for him.  That when you get to the bottom, and you are brokenhearted, is where we find Christ the Lord standing in front of us.  Helping us to get up and walk.

That was Jesus’ message to the invalid lowered in from the roof by his friends.  He wanted to be healed, but Jesus instructed him that his sins were forgiven.  The proof of that was that we was made whole and could walk once more. It happened to me, and it could happen for House.  Oh what a season finale that would make.



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