Shep’s come a long way.

June 6, 2011

Shepherd’s birthday is officially in 3 weeks. His birthday was supposed to be 10 weeks from now, so we’ll just have two parties. He’s started doing a lot of cool stuff in the past month, like crawling, and taking his first steps, and eating tons of new foods.
But more than just developmentally changing, he’s handling the change of scenery well too. In case you missed the update elsewhere, I did get offered that job I mentioned in the last post and started work in KC on the 18th. Leslie and Shepherd moved up over memorial day weekend and we all now live in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City (that’s the Missouri side).
So we’ve all come a long way. We’ve got our lives unpacked and lots of exploring lined up this summer. We’re going to get out and see this city as much as we can before it gets too cold.
We went to Redeemer Fellowship this morning and loved every second of it. It’s really wonderful and I’m so glad to get to be there sitting next to Leslie.

I’ll let Leslie fill in some of the details now that she’ll be home all the time with Shepherd. I’ve got wireless microphones to learn about for work. Here’s a video of Shep from today –


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