Shepherd is my favorite

April 28, 2011

I always want to over share.  I regularly over-talk a story or a situation, as Leslie can attest to.

I desire to be overly honest on our blog about everything that I think or feel, but I catch myself.

I guess that’s just growing up.

But the part of my life I want to talk and talk about is my son. So that’s not too odd.

He is my favorite. My favorite everything. He’s got my favorite laugh, and my favorite over sized head. He’s my favorite shoulder-ride buddy and my favorite person I’ve ever held in my arms.

He’s my favorite way for Jesus to melt my heart. Leslie always has a moment sometime during the evening where she wants to go into his room and pick him up and snuggle with him, because he’s just so cute that it’s hard to be in the next room (but we don’t because he would be up half the night yelling at us about it). We love him. alot.

Can’t get enough Shepherd? get your fill at

And in the realm of family news, we’re moving to Kansas City June 1st.


2 Responses to “Shepherd is my favorite”

  1. nicole waldo said

    my Shalaun & chase Johnson live near there 🙂

  2. courtney said

    what a way to slyly throw in that last sentence 🙂 why are you guys moving?

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