When I think about the cross…

April 20, 2011

sometimes I get to thinking about Mary instead of Jesus. (not that I don’t think about Him)

But the only person more pained to see Jesus on the cross more than God the Father, was the mother who was watching her son be murdered.

I sometimes wishdream about having at least a sneak peek into the future, telling myself that if I only knew what the Lord’s will was for my life, it would make all of the uncomfortable things easier for me to handle. This moment in Mary’s life shatters that wishdream with the almost palpable power of her anguish and grief.

Because she had been told about her future, and had 30+ years to think it through and get ready for that day, and I don’t think it helped her much at all. At least not in the way I hope for future knowledge to help me. On the day they had presented Jesus in the temple, Simeon had told Mary so many wonderful things about her son, but Simeon also said, “and a sword will pierce even your own soul”. And that’s what no mother wants to hear. That her first born son will die, and she’ll be there, and it’ll be so painful that it will go all the way to the very core of her being. No amount of time knowing that kind of pain is coming will make it any easier on the day it arrives.

So Mary was there when they stripped her son naked, and watching as they mocked him and he spoke his last words, and she was powerless to do anything about it. Yet unlike every other mom who’s buried a son, she got to see hers again the next week. Though that was a pretty awful weekend to be buried under that kind of grief.

So when Good Friday comes, with Mother’s day soon following, maybe we can empathize what Jesus’ mom and what she had to watch, in order that we might share in Christ’s death and resurrection.


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