coming home commotion

August 27, 2010

ooooooook.  so the last update was from Monday of this week, and it had some good news about Shepherd coming home.  That seems like so long ago to us because this week has been a roller coaster de emotions.  Including meltdowns, cursing, laying in bed until the day restarts, and genuinely hating life.  Why?  Because Shepherd doesn’t eat calmly at every feeding, and had a meltdown of his own on tuesday morning when we were supposed to hear from the other NICU doctor about what day he would come home. So we got a completely different answer than what we heard on Monday.  Hopefully you can sympathize with how unwell we took this news.  From “let’s send him home, maybe by the end of the week” to “he’s not going home anytime this week” was a heartbreaker. (not that this was the doctor’s fault, but just really bad communication).

This was especially hard to take because Shepherd leaving the NICU is a big time process, including his 2 month vaccines, getting circumcised, bunches of tests, and us spending the night caring for him….. all of which got pushed back because we weren’t going to be starting that process when we finally thought we were.  hard day.  also the reason for no news or photos since monday morning.

But today was a great day, and Shepherd had been well  behaved enough to start his vaccines and while we won’t be home on Saturday, he will be home very very soon.  Tomorrow will also be good because Les and I will spend the whole day at the hospital hanging out with Shep and doing all of his care.

shep coming home.  Once we get to the end of this process, he WILL come home.  We are sooo ready for him to be home, and we’re sure that you all are so ready to finally meet the little guy.  However, his homecoming will be as unusual as his life so far has been.  We all can rejoice that Shepherd is healthy enough to come home, but that doesn’t mean that he’s healthy enough for the big wide world yet.  Unfortunately for everyone who wants to, in the words of Amy Kitchens, “just squish him”, that can’t happen just yet.  and you’re gonna have to trust us on this one, because we want to parade him around to the whole world more than anyone, but for his sake we’re going to have to keep him at home.

Even for us, having Shepherd home will mean changing our clothes when we come home after work and washing our hands every time before we play with him.  He just can’t get sick, because his little body is so vulnerable to infection and it’s a BIG deal if he does(like back to the hospital deal).  Especially since RSV season starts next month. RSV basically means any virus that causes respiratory infections that can’t be vaccinated for, like a cold.  So travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas?  not gonna happen.  Hanging out with anyone who even works with kids? not very likely.  Play dates with other babies?  nope.  Not until he’s strong enough.  He’ll get there, but he’s still so tiny right now.

On a more general level, we want to say thank you.  This part of Shepherd’s life, and this whole chapter of our lives is about to change.  But we couldn’t have survived to this point without your help.  We have relied entirely on God for our hearts’ survival, and on the the church for our well being. We have lived and breathed each day because of your ever constant prayers.  Even when we felt like the next hour, much less the next day or week, was beyond what we could handle…. we were buoyed by your support.  We have been carried through this by our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we are so thankful to have you all with us.  thank you.

We continue to keep our blog up to date, and hopefully the next big news is of Shepherds first ever time to leave Lewisville.

love, the janii


5 Responses to “coming home commotion”

  1. DeNae said

    God is GOOD! So excited for this part of your journey to begin!! Praying for a smooth transition. And we still wash our hands every time we hold/touch/play with Tristan. We’re going through GermX like CRAZY! So happy for you guys!

  2. Hey guys,
    It is moving to hear the ups and downs you guys are going through and how little Shep is hanging in there. Yall are doing the best thing for him and he is lucky to have you guys as parents. I’m sure your strength, both physical and emotional, is probably about tapped, so here’s a little encouragement… “But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

  3. Brandy said

    I love this blog – thank you for doing this. I totally understand the “protection policy” and look forward to the day I can “squish” him :-)…still want to bring you dinner though. Once he is home and all of the other help you will surely get begans to dwindle, you call me and let me cook you a home made dinner. I will leave it on the door step…tee hee. I will be hurt beyond reproach if you do not take me up on this. Love you guys!!!!

  4. praying for you guys and looking forward to meeting little Shep! Please let us know if you need ANYTHING!!!

    love ya’ll,


  5. Chris Lewis said

    Love you three. I’m glad that you’re sharing news with everyone (you’d probably have to tell everyone individually if you didn’t publish 🙂 ).

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