full term and then some

August 12, 2010

so today is wednesday, that most of you are aware of.  tomorrow is thursday and after that is friday the 13th.  horror movies aside, that was to be Shepherd’s due date.  Not that he gives a flip about that, so friday will just be another day.  We’ve had to come to grips with the fact that his growth restriction means that all bets were off with his developmental timetable.  It’s just been hard because that’s been the magical day in our heads since January.  In addition to that, the only thing at this point that Shepherd has to do in order to come home is to prove that he can eat with no problems.  Seems simple enough, right?

Well, we’ve been bottle feeding him since July 15th and if you’re keeping score, and we are, that’s four weeks ago come tomorrow.  It’s become clear that Shepherd doesn’t particularly enjoy eating from the bottle. The doctors have come to the conclusion that’s it’s because he has some acid reflux type thing going on, and so we are trying a couple of different things to help him along in his quest to eat on his own.  They’ve started him on some medicine to try and help with this, and there are some feeding tricks we’ve put into practice (he took a whole bottle from leslie tonight).  Why so long in trying this you ask? We’ve been waiting on his development to catch up with him.  He’d been doing so great in all the other areas and this is the one that just takes some time, plus you definitely can’t force it on him.

This has been hard on us.  really.  God has been good to us in giving us plenty of good days(like when he moved to the open crib or joined the 4 pound club) to balance things out and keep us afloat, but this waiting and watching the days go by with little to no progress has been the hardest part. So it was especially helpful to have a long talk with the nurse practitioner tonight and get a game plan about trying to turn this thing around, but even now it’s dangerous for us to get out hopes set on an expectation that we have no control over.  Shepherd isn’t coming home until he learns how to eat, and he has to want to eat……. so that means we wait.

This is the end of day 48 of Shepherd in the hospital.  Please pray with us that he comes home soon, and that all the details of him coming home would be smoothed out and his transition out of the hospital would be a seamless one.  and if you want to be a friend, start praying now that he won’t get sick once he comes home.

Please go read the 30th chapter of Isaiah.  I want you to understand the lead up to this verse, “Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you.” It’s just soo good.

p.s. sorry we didn’t post new photos for a week, we started making more videos when we weren’t having hard days.

here’s the link to all of the photos – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2432984&id=23927665&l=b1f93618cb

here’s all of the videos – http://www.youtube.com/user/jdjanis


One Response to “full term and then some”

  1. Shepherd is BEAUTIFUL! I know your hearts are just bursting with love for him. These days have to be so very difficult for you, but little Shepherd is in God’s almighty hands. We are praying for you guys, and love and miss you!


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