not too much that’s new so this will be short

August 8, 2010

Well its about that time again when we should be giving you a long detailed update on Shepherd’s progress. Well unfortunately there is little to report. But, here are the dets on what IS happening. He is still not eating his bottles. His wonderful nurses are trying a bottle 3 times a day still but he is just fighting them, he does not want to take them!! Because of all this fighting they think that maybe he has some acid reflux or something like it. So, today they started him on some meds that will help settle his stomach. HOPEFULLY this helps get the ball rolling.
He is now at his 4 lbs mark! yay! AND he’s out of his plastic box. He’s in a real baby bed. He is still pooping on his own and his belly is looking much better. And his hair is getting redder and redder 🙂 And that’s about it.
Please continue to pray for our little guy that he starts chugging those bottles this week. Also keep Jesse and I on that list as well as the longer our guy is in the NICU the harder this feels (we’re at 46 days and counting). Thank you all so so so much for all you’re doing.
Also, one quick thing I’ve been learning- I was talking with an amazing woman who goes to our church the other day about having a kid in the NICU (her twins were in the NICU for 61 days- misery!) and I asked her about what she and her husband did to survive while they were in the midst of those days- and she said that they relied 100% on the prayers of the body. Their church family carried them- with physical help as well as, and most importantly, spiritual help. It sounds like the most obvious answer, but the weight of that statement doesn’t seem as real as it should until you’re in a place where if people weren’t praying for you, you WOULD be jumping off a cliff. This time for Jesse and I has been SO dry. Sitting down to spend time with God seems almost silly because our hearts are just so heavy. So going with Paul’s illustration of the church as the body- we’re like a broken arm right now. We’re just straight up in a cast not able to move or lift anything and we’re relying on the rest of the body to compensate, to bear our burdens for us. And you guys, we could not have asked for a stronger rest of  the body. We are so blessed by all that you are doing for us and by all of your prayers. I don’t even know how to communicate to you how precious you all are to us. Seriously. We love you.

-the janii

p.s. here is the newest video of the little dude…and yes, its after bath time again. 


3 Responses to “not too much that’s new so this will be short”

  1. DeNae said

    Praying that Shep doesn’t have GERD!!
    Praying that he chugs all 3 bottles and in a surprisingly deep voice, politely asks for more! 😉
    And definitely praying that his hair looks just like his mama’s beautiful hair!

    LOVE watching the vids!! ❤ love, love, love being sent your way!!

  2. Becky Johnson said

    Hey Leslie and Jesse, Steve and I will be praying for you this week…for the Lord to sustain you in the midst of this storm. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you…but I know that the Lord is on His throne. To Him we appeal…Father, I lift little Shep up to Your holy throne and ask for Your hand of protection and provision for his little body. I pray for his sweet parents, that You would guard their hearts and grant them refreshing during this hard time. Bless this little family in ways that let them feel Your presence today. I pray all these things in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

  3. Megan Dunegan said

    Hey guys!! praying SO MUCH for you all!! miss you and can’t wait to see your precious little boy!
    i love you!!

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