Shepherd isn’t coming home soon.

August 4, 2010

Hi everyone.
Just wanted to answer the seemingly universal question of “when is Shepherd coming home?”.  The answer is still – we don’t know. It’s based on his eating, and not on his weight.

Plus, going to visit Shepherd has been tough lately.  He’s healthy & stable, and actually pooping all on his own – which is good.  However, he’s not putting on weight (been stuck at 3lbs. 12oz. for 3 days) and he hasn’t gotten any better at bottle feeding since friday.  It’s extremely tough to keep going to the hospital each day and getting the same report again and again.

And we’re trying to keep in mind that his due date isn’t until August the 13th, but it’s becoming clear that without some major leap in his progress, he won’t be home by then.  I am particularly not excited about spending my birthday(the 10th) at home without my son.

and yes, there is good news that we can focus on AND we know that he’ll be home soon AND this will all just be past us so soon and we’ll look back on it and it will seem so far away………….. but this is not encouraging to us right now, and we would kindly ask you to keep these kind of comments to yourself.  The peace Christ gives us is not an exchange of one idea for another, or a contrast with the worst case scenario, but that he has accomplished peace on our behalf in his conquering of this world. And then he freely gave it to us.(!) If you desire to be a help to us through this, please point to that, and remind us of what Christ has done.  Stories of how your cousin was premature and now they’re a well adjusted baby and running around doesn’t do much for me when my son is currently stuck in a plastic box in lewisville. It’s just not the same.

we love the way the you help our family, especially in ministering to us by praying.  it’s keeping us alive for sure, as praying these days is more overwhelming than calming.  thank you for being a part of our lives.

~the janii


5 Responses to “Shepherd isn’t coming home soon.”

  1. Emily Curtis said

    We are praying for you Janis family. I am so encouraged by your faith and steadfastness through this. God is using your words and trials in mighty ways.

  2. courtney said

    thanks for the updates… i truly do love reading them. we LOVED getting to see you guys last night. Hope it happens again soon!

  3. Connie Henderson said

    Earnie and I are praying for you and your precious son everyday!

  4. Dave Furman said

    I love you bro….we’re praying for you guys…..Aliza asks about Shepherd multiple times a day! 🙂

  5. Vicky said

    I LOVE what you said about the peace of Christ. So right on and something we diminish so often through the techniques you described.Love you

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