2 bottles a day and counting

July 28, 2010

Our little Shepherd is doing pretty well. We’re getting to bathe him in a tiny little tub of water now and hold him every time we go see him and he’s pooping all on his own! YAY! God has been so faithful so thank you thank you for continuing to pray for us. He’s up to 2 bottle feedings a day and will go up to 3 a day when he can finish 2 whole bottles in one day and 4 after that and then 5 and so on all the way up to 8. but the “light bulb” hasn’t gone off for him on this yet. they say one day the light just goes on and they just get the whole eating from a bottle thing and you can’t stop them. and jesse and i both feel like this waiting for the light bulb process is by far the most frustrating. but when once he gets it and all else is clear he can come home with us! we are praying that this happens pretty quick. we’d LOVE to have our little guy home by the 10th- jesse’s birthday. I’m pretty sure there is no better gift than having the whole family home together.
there are a couple other little things to add to the prayer list- his hemoglobin (red blood cell count) is low. his bone marrow is producing red blood cells but not at a rapid enough rate. so they started adding iron to his diet to help this but upon the latest check up this levels were still low. if these levels do not go up soon they will have to do a transfusion. with the transfusion they will have to put a hold on his feeds which would really put a kink in his progress. and his belly is still pretty big despite his frequent poops. but all in all he is looking good, still his feisty little self, he just has a few more hurdles to jump.
Thank you all so much for all you are doing for us. we love you all dearly and couldn’t do this without you. seriously. many of you have asked what you can do to help. for now prayers are what we need most, for him for us, individually and as a unit, but when this little man comes home we would love so help with meals. the wonderful jen holm is setting up a calendar of sorts to help with this. if you are interested in being on that list let me know and i’ll give you her email address. (just don’t want to put her info up here for all the creepy internet world to know).

he’s looking more like his daddy every single day but his hair is getting redder and redder 🙂


4 Responses to “2 bottles a day and counting”

  1. i want jen’s email address!

  2. DeNae said

    Such awesome progress!!

    I would defiitely like Jen’s email.

  3. Christine said

    I would like Jen’s email!

  4. Vicky said

    YAY baby Shepherd!! Loving you guys all the way from Vietnam!!!!

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