Shepherd’s latest news

July 12, 2010

hello everyone,

Jesse usually writes these- and does them so well- but he is a busy man back at work and i…well i’m at home- not so busy-so i thought i’d help him out 🙂
our little man is getting much bigger! they’ve increased his food to 12 mls a feeding which is triple what it was last week even! His skin tone looks so much more healthy and you can’t even really see his ribs anymore! yay! he still is struggling with gut motility. his intestines are so full of waste and gas that they are quite swollen with no where to go. this is causing potential hernias to form (they have a fancy word for this but i do not remember it). if these potential hernias turn into real hernias surgery will be an order and this will set his coming home date WAY back. in conjunction with the size of his intestines, his feistyness is not a good quality to have right now. when he throws his little fits or rolls himself around his little condo he really exerts himself multiplying the pressure on his little intestines pushing them down even further. So for those of you who are praying please put this at the top of your list. he needs to stay calm and his intestines need to go back to normal 2 lbs 12 ounce baby size and quick!

i was looking just yesterday at a journal entry from 2 weeks ago just after Shepherd was born and see so much of God’s faithfulness to answer our cries already. He has grown shep 10 ounces more than his birth weight, He is giving Jesse and i such great peace, He carries us through our days, day by day, He is building our relationships with the nurses and other families in the nicu, He is growing our faith in Him, He is providing in such beautiful ways for our family financially, He has put us in a place where there is nothing to do but trust Him and it is so sweet. So THANK YOU for your prayers. they mean the world.

as far as jesse and i go- well we are doing well. we are exhausted in every sense of the word but we are doing well. we’re just SO ready for the day shepherd comes home with us.

we love you friends. we are so thankful for friends and family who are so steadfast and faithful to pray for our little guy. we just don’t know what we would do with out you.


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