What’s next? who knows

June 27, 2010

Really, God knows.  and that is enough for today.

good morning friends.  I wanted to give you some good news and update you about Shep.  They’ve taken his belly button IV out and given him a bath, which means that Leslie is going to have the best hour of her life holding him come 2pm today.  He has also pooped for the first time and is keeping down his food, two big milestones on his way to gaining the weight he will need to come home.  Speaking of coming home, Leslie will get discharged from the hospital either sometime today or first thing Monday morning.  We’ll still be here at the hospital alot, obviously, but we’re not quite sure what our lives will look for the next month while we live half our days in two places.  Many of our friends have offered to help out in any way they can, and so far our response is going to be “yes we would love your help, but we don’t know in what way yet.”  Most importantly will be to just keep praying; for little Shepherd to stay healthy and gain weight, and for Leslie to heal quickly and for her heart to survive not being with Shep every second.

It’s a little bit different, but it’s like we’ll have two homecomings, one tomorrow and one in a month.  This first one is going to be much more unsure for us, so we’ll play it by ear while we’re learning and let you guys know what’s up real soon. But keep being excited about the day when Shepherd will come home.  We’ll have a party then and need lots more help after that too.  On a side note, we did find out why we were transferred to Lewisville, the NICU here is rated as a level 3 (that’s the highest rating among hospitals in Texas).  Our nurses are wonderful and answer ALL of Jesse’s questions, and it’s been so easy to trust them when we’re resting.

Photos of Shepherd will be on facebook on Jesse’s profile.


One Response to “What’s next? who knows”

  1. love you guys and praying for you!

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