April 27, 2010

so this may come as little surprise to many of you but God is good. so good. and He provides, just like He says He will.

a year ago when i started at fms i signed all the tax paper work and filled out my insurance information but didn’t sign up for short term disability insurance because jesse and i “weren’t going to need it” because we “weren’t going to get pregnant” before the next year when it would be time to sign up for things again. boy was i WRONG! so when i found out i was pregnant 9 months later i instantly fretted because i would not have the kind of insurance that pays me 60% of my income while i am on maternity leave. well for 6 months now jesse and i have just been praying and praying about how the HECK we were going to financially survive those weeks of my not working with no income and all the same bills. well today God performed a miracle
so i emailed h.r. to get the ball rolling on this whole maternity leave biz and asked for the paper work i needed etc. and i got an email back with all the appropriate fmla forms but also a short term disability form. so i emailed the very sweet h.r. lady back and kindly let her know she’s crazy because i do not actually have short term disability and that that was a cruel joke to play on me. and she emailed me back and informed me that i was the crazy one because i did indeed have it and i had actually signed up for it when i started (i have no memory of this what so ever. i am pretty sure that God filled out the form and sent it in for me, or i could just have a bad memory, whatev). so now, ladies and gentlemen, jesse and i will not only be able to pay bills but also eat food!! i mean talk about the happiest surprise of my life! i just about cried! and i couldn’t stop grinning like a goon for the rest of the day. i mean God said He would provide- why did i ever doubt Him?!
God’s faithfulness in spite of my doubt and unfaithfulness humbles me and reminds me that He loves me so much more than i even come close to understanding. and His plan so far supersedes mine that i should just stop trying to make my own way and just trust that He will take care of us. He always has and He always will.
I am truly excited to see the next crazy thing God does for this little janis family in this time of complete uncertainty. and i’m sure you’ll hear about it.
love you all dear friends,


4 Responses to “60%”

  1. love this. God’s overwhelming generosity seems to be a common thread lately. 🙂

  2. Heidi said

    oh how i do love you.

  3. Amy Pennell said

    This post made me smile! It’s so true, God is so good and gives us exactly what we need! 🙂 Congratulations to you two!

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