April 17, 2010

as a result of all of the wonderful things God is doing in our lives our bank account has taken a serious blow. jesse’s internship doesnt pay like his old job did so my job has been the largest source of income. God has been BEYOND faithful to provide this job for me in such a wonderful company, but things are tight to say the least. even in God’s faithful provision of this job i, in my human flesh, look toward the future and wonder “how the heck are we going to pay for things when this baby comes and things get more expensive?” i have the occasional melt down and stop trusting God for a while, wear myself out worrying, jesse preaches the gospel to my sick heart and then things get better. well one of the last meltdowns was quelled by steaks.
we’ve been living on locust street for 2 years now and one of those years the most wonderful family lived across from us. bob, jana and their 3 kids-ben, sam, and gracie. they were probably the best neighbors we ever had. so kind, loved Jesus, welcomed us in every time we knocked to borrow sugar or a cake pan. bob and jana moved out a few months ago to move to another city for bob’s job. but they still come back to denton to go to church. well one wednesday bob called jesse and said “what are you doing right now? i have something for you and i’m coming over”so in 10 minutes bob was at our front door. in his hand he had 4 large steaks wrapped in butcher paper. he said he had just been to the butcher to buy some meat for his family and just felt like the Lord told him to buy us some steaks. so he did. 4 of them.
this little spontaneous gift made me just cry. i love steak. jesse loves steak. but we dont NEED steak. we dont even NEED meat. but God, who loves us so very much, felt we should have it. in that gift Jesus showed me that not only will He provide for us when we need to pay rent He will sometimes even give us more than we need just because He is a loving father that loves to give gifts to His children. i have no bloody reason to ever doubt Him, but i do. and even when i do He is sweet to me and proves once again that He is ALWAYS faithful. and always will be.

thank you Jesus. i don’t deserve a second of your love. so thanks for giving it anyway.



4 Responses to “steaks”

  1. rebecca stone said

    just wanted to say how proud I am of you and I know as a women it is hard not to worry especially when there is this little thing that is depending on you for food and shelter and I promise you this your life will be a series of roller coasters from now on highs and lows but like Paul we have to learn to abide when we abound and when we are not so…abounding! You just have to learn to store in times of plenty and stretch the dollar when things are thin! As far as being ‘mostly’ the only income I am there with two kids Mike is going to school full time and Pastoring which provides some but not a lot of income b/c it’s a small church – God is always faithful and people will never understand you but be glad you have someone to go thru the thick and thin times with that always makes it better so you know if you have to go thru something at least you know there is someone else going thru it too! Things will not always be so tight, so thin, and the end will justify the means take from a girl who trust God and the difficult decisions my husband has had to make. I have been married 10 years not always easy years but some of the most wonderful years of my life…you’ll be saying that too before you know it. Good Luck and I love you!

  2. jen said

    I love this. I love you. the lord is faithful… especially when we feel faithless. thank you for sharing this.

  3. denise said

    leslie, i love your heart. Thanks for this sweet reminder of the Lord’s complete provision (more than needed or deserved) for His children.

  4. denise said

    oh my gosh, i just read your comment on alyssa jarrell’s page about the green onions and I’m kicking myself for not thinking of that sooner!!!! I am TOTALLY planting those when we get our garden set up this month!!! YES!! 🙂 I did that with garlic that I left in the fridge too long (it started sprouting in the fridge!!! haha), but GREEN ONIONS! YES!!!! 🙂

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