an update is long over due

April 6, 2010

you know very often i am not entirely sure why we even have this blog here. I think its because we are desperate to be the level of cool where other people want to read about our lives. whether or not that is an attainable goal we will keep this here blog until we have a good reason to get rid of it. in the mean time there has been a CRAZY amount of things going on in the janis family i will now tell you some of them.

The biggest (technically smallest) thing of our lives- we’re having a baby. a baby boy. he’s perfect. at least that’s what the doctors seem to be saying and they’re the important ones at this point. we’re nearly 22 weeks along in the baby growing process and so far so good. the first 3 months were your typical pregnant first trimester- sick, tired, more sick, and more tired. now we’ve moved up in the world and i feel like my old self again but with a MUCH bigger belly that is growing by the second. The day we found out this little one is a ‘he’ i just sat and stared at the sonogram pictures. its truly indescribable how much i love this little life that i haven’t even really met yet. i told natalie the other day that its a bit like i’m internet dating this baby. I can talk to him, i feel like he can communicate with me, i’ve seen his picture, he’s seen me….kind of, but neither of us have really looked at each other yet or breathed the same air (or air in general for one of us). i cannot wait for the moment when this all becomes real, when jesse and i get to hold his little hands and kiss his tiny little head. i get a little emotional just thinking about it. how sweet that will be indeed.
and i’m sure you’re all wondering if there is an official name for this little guy. well not yet. but even if there was it would be a secret. we’re going to keep it a surprise until he gets here. πŸ™‚

along side of the news of having a baby, jesse has been hired on at denton bible church as the church life intern for the evening service. what does that mean? well i think that is still being defined since this position hasn’t really existed until now. but one thing we do know for sure is that this is so obviously the working of God’s grace in jesse’s life. this job is exactly what his heart needed. we are beyond thankful for it. as a part of this internship he will be assisted in tuition for seminary. jesse david janis will not only graduate college but he will also go to seminary. God is making his path for jesse very clear. praise Him!

so we’ve got a baby coming, seminary, and now a very exciting living situation in front of us. we, the janis family, and the mckinney family are going to live together! communal living is something jesse and i have been doing on a small scale for the past 2 years and we love love love it. and now we’re taking it to the next level- living with a couple instead of college students. we’re thrilled as the mckinney’s are some of our most favorite people. i know that their adult conversation will be coveted once this wee one comes and our days are filled with gibberish, diapers, onesies, and richard scarey. we are so excited to see what God does with that next big step. now we just have to find somewhere for the 5 of us to live. so if you know of any houses for rent that are magically cheap and equally as magical in the nice department give a girl a holla!

well folks it is far past my bed time. and i think i got you all up to date on the huge things inΒ  our lives.
we love you all and are really dumbfounded that you even read this.
have a wonderful night dear ones.
hopefully i’ll be back here sooner than later.



3 Responses to “an update is long over due”

  1. Hey, guys!! i am so excited about everything in this post!! i love it! i’m not sure when you all are looking to move, but aaron and I are actually building a house right now, so the house that we are living in will be available probably in about a month… maybe a little later than that depending on how long it takes the owners to do “clean up/touch up” things before new renters move in… I’m also not sure what price you’re looking at, but we currently pay 1250/month (well, WE dont pay that because we are with you guys as far as the small scale communal living! Aaron’s sister pays rent every month!), but they may reduce it for you?? it’s at least worth looking into if it were a place you would be interested in… it’s a three bed, two and a half bath. 2 story. 2car garage. great backyard. great kitchen. in Sundown Ranch. great neighborhood.
    so… not really “magical” or huge, but you could probably figure something out with the rooms… the master suite is huge… the other two bedrooms are not very big at all, but maybe if you did go with that house, you guys could have the two smaller bedrooms for you two and baby, and they could have the bigger?? i dunno… it’s definitely not ideal, but i just thought i’d share the option πŸ™‚
    love you all!

  2. courtneyhofmann said

    hi old friends! i loved reading this post and am so very excited about all the amazing things the Lord is doing in your lives. miss you both and hope to see you soon!

  3. nattie said

    i so love this, and so love you ….

    what an exciting chapter indeed!

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