its the simple things

June 17, 2009

its the simple pleasures that give us sweet tastes of happiness in this life. having the ability to appreciate the small things will get you more than any luxury will. its the simple things that will be like treasures when life begins to dull and sweet times are vastly separated by the bitter.
in hopes to become a better blogger i will try posting once a week (maybe even more often) one of my favorite simple pleasures.

hot cup of coffee on a cool morning spent on the beach.


2 Responses to “its the simple things”

  1. dhall said

    A cup of coffee anywhere is a simple pleasure.

  2. steven said

    Thanks for this reminder. I’m currently enjoying a cup of coffee in front of a floor to ceiling window on a drizzly day in Seattle. Some people think they happen too often, I dare to disagree. 🙂

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