Christ in the suburbs

May 28, 2009

This has been on my radar a long time, as I grew up in what some refer to as “white bread land”.  I finally found some people who are processing through some of the same stuff I’ve had to go through in coming out of that situation.  Ultimately, I faced the question “is living in the suburbs wrong?”
Entrance stage right,

“Right now it’s cool to love the city and loathe the suburbs, but I do not believe this reflects the heart of God. I believe God has a love/hate relationship with this culture. My culture. And I’m working hard to maintain that balance in my own heart.”  -Joe Thorn

I want to go on record that I believe the theology of the city is weak sauce.  That if you truly believed what was said about the city, then you could apply that to the suburbs, the hay fields, the where ever you live.  God made all creation and called it good, so there is good to find and redeem in the suburbs too.  And it needs finding, because the suburbs are broken….just like the city is broken.  There is no more or less good you can do living in the city than living in the burbs.

p.s. Does this mean that cities are not important? No, but you don’t need a theology of the city to tell me that people are important.  FYI, there are lots of people in cities. People are important, people have souls, and their souls are eternally made to worship God.


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