the North side

September 25, 2008

Leslie and I are all movied into our new house on Locust street just across from Art Alley.  We are even having a house warming party this Friday evening, which you are cordially invited to attend.  We’ve planted a winter garden and repainted the sunroom, and even I am beginning to assign the word “cute” to our new home.  Here is one artistic shot of the front, but we will have some color photos up later.

That fella in the picture is Andrew Velder, and yes he is our room mate.

This week’s thought: Les and I had a great day on Sunday.  It included a Sunday afternoon motorcycle ride through North Denton.  In foreign neighborhoods with streets named Stuart, Imperial, Sheraton, and Cromwell.  We saw the homes of many of the people in Denton, including the now retired Professor Donald Pickens.  It may be news to some, but we have been going to the 11 o’clock service since July, and it has given me a varied perspective on Denton life.  I realized while out on our ride that many of our fellow Dentonites and therefore many of the 4,000 people who attend Denton Bible, have little to do with either university in town and might not even venture near one in thier day to day for the same reason a UNT student seldom drives down Forest Street.
This was something we discussed later Sunday night, sifting through images of videos and exhortations to love our city.  Understandably, most of our friends think first of other college students and the overlooked populations of Denton when wanting to make a difference in the lives of the people around them.  Now realize that for most of the people who are faithful members of our church, the people around them have little to do with college kids, unless they have some of their own, and the way in which they would befriend them has even less to do with meeting up at a coffee shop or sharing a late night of movies and laughing over youtube videos.
The conclusion at the end of the day was that I felt hurt by the popular sentiment that the morning services are “out of touch”.  I could summarize laments about the morning service as being austere and archaic.  Yet, in the same way could not the elder members of our church view the differences at The Well as flashy and unnecessary?   I believe the elders when they approve of what changes have been made, because at the center is a declared desire for the Gospel to go forth unhindered.  Does is not stand that younger Christians hold this central desire to be true as well, even if it means the possibility that the most effective means of communicating the Gospel to the majority of the population of Denton includes choirs and ushers wearing slacks?  I say yes.  I look around at the grey heads that surround me on Sunday mornings and I am moved to believe that the name of the Lord is being exalted in their lives.  I hope they look at me in my cargo shorts and white t-shirt and thank God that we at least have Christ in common, the same way I hope we can look at a guy in a suit and tie and trust that God has made that man for a purpose in his culture, whatever culture it may be.
More thinking to come later.
Please come on Friday.


3 Responses to “the North side”

  1. Embily said

    how i wish you (said as a combination of the janii…since the two of you are now one) were more in my life.
    I also wish I could be there Friday.
    Love you

  2. nuney said

    moooooooooooooooooore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.

  3. I hate college kids. I wish I could be surrounded by gray-haired older/wiser people all the time.

    P.S. After trying to write that msg. the comp. kept saying “grey” was misspelled, so I checked and it’s “gray”. “Grey” is the British way of spelling. Interesting huh??

    I’m happy for the two of you and your lovely home.

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