the ‘T’ word

August 28, 2008

If breaking the laws of civil society to fight extremism is always wrong, then terrorism is not a morally gray area.

I’ve been without a TV for a long time by my own preference, so my following of the DNC had been highly selective. I have enjoyed dispatches from a guy who is documenting the far left-wing protesters who have made Denver some sort of battle ground for extremism. While looking at some of the protest posters I’ve seen, I was reminded of a reoccurring thought. I never have been able to reconcile the idea that we need to take a deeper look and understand people who engage in using fear as a weapon because the truth is never as simple as black and white, while torture is described as ALWAYS being wrong in any circumstance. I can’t reconcile the two arguments, which are often made by the same people, when the fundamental ethic behind the statements conflict with each other.

Either the situation is a gray area and terrorism for some people gets a free pass, and torture has it’s place in certain situations….or
The idea of torture and violating civil society is an absolute and never to be violated, and we also are going to resolve to condemn everyone who uses the death of innocent people to get their point across.

I just don’t see how you can reasonably be sympathetic to terrorists and staunchly anti-torture.
It’s just something I was thinking about.

Here’s a little visual.


2 Responses to “the ‘T’ word”

  1. Heidi said

    I have similar thoughts.

  2. iseethemoon said

    soooooo Janis family … where are you living these days? if only there were a blog you could update . . .

    oh wait.

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