July 10, 2008

if i could be from anywhere with any accent i think i would be french…lets admit it they’re sexy
if bill murray knew me we would be friends for life
if i were a plant i would probably be lavender
if i were my husband i would make out with me
if i were rain boots i would be green
if i were a cloud i would be a tall one that brought in a summer storm
if i were a foot rub i would be happening all the time
if i were a book i would be very old, leather bound-just barely, and smell like old newspaper
if i were a boat i would be one with big sails on it
if i were a porch i would go all the way around the house
if i were a dessert i would be maple creme brule
if i were a t-shirt i would be plain and white
if i were a city i would be san fransisco
if i were me i would not change a thing


2 Responses to “if…”

  1. melyssalaree said

    if i were melyssa i would love leslie…..oh great, already done

  2. jade winter said

    wow. you are so incredible. the only problem is that lavender is my favorite and yet i still scorched the one your mom got me for graduation.

    if i love something, then i should learn not to kill it.

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