we are a big deal

June 29, 2008

Melyssa came into town today and she wanted to see us. She even visited Leslie at Starsucks and timed it with her break, which means that even the heavens were in on this. She thinks we are cool. ’nuff said. well, one more thing can be said on this matter……we think Melyssa is way cool.

And we just watched Good Night and Good Luck. We as a couple approve of this movie for your viewing pleasure. Please be sure to pay attention to the bit about the marketplace of ideas. If freedom is worth having, then we can compete against tyranny not just on the foreign battlefields, but in the battle of ideas.

Plus I was able to have lunch with Brian Wright in between trips. His life is like a movie script right now, and it is because of the timing the Lord God is watching over diligently. He forced upon me the cashew chicken at Sweet Basil for lunch, and it did not disappoint. I am glad that he is my friend.

There was a storm today. It felt like the first true summer storm, even though it wasn’t, simply because I hadn’t been able to enjoy the previous ones. I loved it. It made me wish I were a sailor. Good night.


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