question for all knowledgeable readers:

May 14, 2008

Ok so, my parents are getting me a camera for graduation. Now my dad is definitely one of those people who reads every review of every thing before he buys it. He’s been researching. But I know nothing about cameras. He wants to get me a super fancy one. I am afraid of super fancy ones because, well, I’m not a photographer. I just want a camera that will take good pictures of people and such so I will not be one of those people who has no pictures of their life when they get old. Plus Jesse and I are road trippin’ it to Seattle and we want tons of wonderful pictures of America! So to those of you who know anything about cameras fill me in. What do I need and should I look for? Thats all
Love, Leslie


5 Responses to “question for all knowledgeable readers:”

  1. Dana said

    Leslie, I think a Nikon D40 would work well for you. It’s one of those “fancy” ones, but is still user friendly and takes great pictures. It’s also a pretty hand size for a digital SLR. Now, it won’t fit in your pocket by any means, but in a purse or small backpack it should be fine. Call Justin about a good camera shop in Dallas that has great prices… I can’t remember the name. Or you can check out which is where i bought my D50 almost 2 years ago. I have NEVER regretted buying it and it is fabulous! Great for making memories:) Cheers!

  2. Steven said

    I agree with Dana. If you were looking for something even smaller than the Nikon D40, the Nikon Coolpix line, which is more of the small point-and-shoot camera, has gotten great reviews and I know people that love theirs. I got my camera at Competitive Cameras in Dallas. They may not have the lowest prices of anyone, but their warranties are extraordinary and the staff is very knowledgeable. My uncle (photographer) and other professional photographers he knows who don’t live in Texas bought their cameras at CC and find reasons to travel here for camera service because they think the store is so great.

  3. The White said

    getting into the world of DSLR’s (digital cameras that let you change lenses) is rather fun, i must say. You can take some really cool pictures with some simple experimentation.

    honestly, though, if you’re going for digital for the first time, stick with the basics:

    -point and shoot is just easier (though DSLR’s do have automatic settings)
    -More megapixels is better (generally)
    -big LCD screens on the back of the camera are always nice.
    -faster frame rate is better (how fast you can take pictures) typically some number per second.
    -and likely, you’ll want an on-board flash (a flash that’s attached to the camera permanently) rather than one that you mount on top.

    Read the directions for whatever you get. it’ll help.

  4. iseethemoon said

    im a film girl myself, but Taryn has one from Nikon Coolpix and loves it. it does good action shots for fast little legs and catches fleeting moments really gracefully. i agree that you just need something to capture memories


  5. djhofmann said

    i hear polaroids are nice

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