oh dear

April 16, 2008

well friends….it’s  happened. I am hopeless. I just got off the phone with my mom and well she asked me a few days ago what i wanted for graduation. Instead of asking for money, or grown up clothes, or any other regular college grad present I asked for a food processor. I know I know “gosh Leslie you’re such a freaking housewife! Stop cooking and go make your house messy and eat at burger king” But I just can’t stop. I love cooking I love cleaning. I love doing laundry. I love being wifey. Sorry. Who knew? Well I guess everyone. But it kind of surprised me.

….well husband just came in and may have convinced me to throw the food processor out the window and ask for money to go on a road trip….to maybe see someone we love.


14 Responses to “oh dear”

  1. Amy said

    ok whatev to Jesse. Throw him out the window. You won’t need him after you buy a Magic Bullet. It was a doubly sad day after the day that Nattie moved out. Because the first day i was sad b/c she left. The second day i was sad because the took the Magic Bullet.

  2. iseethemoon said

    love ME! love ME! OH, OH PLEASE LOVE ME!

    who likes processed food anyway?!?!? i mean, isnt that what we have digestion for. quit playing God Les, just quit it.

  3. steven said

    “Isn’t that what we have digestion for.”

    ha! agreed.

    This is my comment.

  4. djhofmann said

    road trip to see someone you love….in lewisville??

  5. courtney said

    yay! i want a food processor too! and i’m with you on loving to be wifey. except for the laundry part. i loathe laundry. but i love to cook and clean! ans i love you! we should hang out soon!

  6. Heidi said

    yes! i want to be wifey too.

  7. jade winter said


    Count my in on that road trip, and anything that you ever cook, ever…….

  8. iseethemoon said

    wifey, wifey, wifey. whatev – just making sure we’re clear on me being the loved one being road tripped to. all else is secondary . . .

  9. meditativeandmerry said

    yes that is true. you are the one we are road tripping toward.

  10. Graham said

    1. Nice blog.
    2. Do you happen to look at Recipe Zaar ever? I highly recommend it for recipe zaaring.
    3. I want to make a blog like this with Natalie. I think we will.

  11. iseethemoon said

    haha – pocta. natalie pocta – I was thinking . . . “well, im all the way in Seattle. And what would we write about?” got it. check. you, married, same name. yup. check.

  12. iseethemoon said

    dont juuuuuudge me

  13. iseethemoon said

    … and i never said i was going to TEACH it. hey – hurry up and write something. what, you think that if you just keep people commenting on one post so your comment #s go up makes you look cool? lame.

  14. hey, keep up with the food and the cleaning. i guarantee that if you do… people will always love you. And Jesus loves you anyways, but still.

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