Disunity of thoughts and emotions

March 9, 2008

I have been blogging for a long time( almost 5 years), but this is the first time I have sat down to write on a different blog in a different context.  It wasn’t exactly clear that Leslie had made all of the previous posts, but she had.  But in keeping with the title of this blog, I have been thinking a lot…..about a lot of things.
Now I have been told in the past that I think too much, but I don’t believe that to be the truth.  I think that when people have said to me that I think too much, they ought to have said that I was undisciplined in my thinking.  Because to love the Lord our God with all of our minds, then we must not only think, but glorify His name in how we think.  And praise be to our Father in Heaven that he is not only a God who has the power to know our very thoughts, but that he is also a God who has compassion on us mere humans to know our hearts and even our very thoughts.   So I’ve been thinking…

but I have been unable to sift through my emotions to find the most profitable subject of my thoughts of which to record, or whether to record them at all until they be resolved by wisdom.  My hope in this matter is that even if I do not posses the answers, we can be of mutual edification in asking the questions together.

so here is the short list:  true unity among Christians and it’s source, right motives regarding prayer, discipleship in a natural context within the home, the response of Christians to evil in the public arena, the relationship between democratic equality and education, and to what extent does our citizenship oblige us to be current with the affairs of the state.

side note, some of these questions I know the answers to, but I don’t posses the ability to communicate them for the mutual edification of the believers around me, which is of primary importance to me.

Yet as my wife pointed out to me in a recent conversation, I don’t do justice to the goodness around me and the excitement I do have about the things that the Lord does for and around us.  So when I bring up the negative or the things I wish to know without first giving thanks to God for what we already have, I sound only pessimistic and angry.(not the case)  Please believe me that I would not trade what I know now for anything because it is my God who had given to me what I do already posses.  And as I have become accustomed to saying, “I would rather be a freed slave in the house of the Lord than a king in the temple of my own flesh.”   There will be more to come from me to balance what Leslie writes, just as she is the perfect balance to me in all other things.

here is a short list of things I am excited about:  seeing natalie ruth next week, April Coffman being back from India after two years, going to the beach with my wife to visit fun family, the faithfulness of God in teaching Leslie and I how to pray together, and a quiet evening alone with my best friend to eat delicious cakes she made.

that’s quite enough for tonight.
~the ugly janis

p.s. welcome to the scattered way my brain works.


One Response to “Disunity of thoughts and emotions”

  1. Thank you, Jesse, for coming along just when needed to let me know I’m loved.


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