the cool kids

March 1, 2008

i don’t know if anyone else has these days but i certainly do. i have days when i wish i was not like i am. now i don’t mean in some amazingly spiritual way when you wish you were more like Jesus, everyday should be that day, right? i am talking about the things i think are cool, exciting, fun, interesting. i look at people who do the things i want to do and wish i was them. then when i try to do them and just feel like an idiot because i don’t do them well or i’m just damn bad at them. then i’m stuck with just boring old leslie. she doesn’t have an amazing potted garden, or a great ability to catch a frisbee, or only eat organic fair trade food, play an instrument, take beautiful pictures, or rock climb. she just goes to school, cooks every now and then, and reads books and most of the time doesn’t even finish them. today is a day that i wish i was really good at something cool.

p.s. this wasn’t bait for you to tell me i’m cool. i just wish i cooler.


3 Responses to “the cool kids”

  1. i have days where i wish i was anyone but myself. those days are frustrating and happen more often than i like to admit.

    i like your writing, leslie. i’d tell you that it’s cool, but that’d be so uncool of me to do so i won’t.

  2. I think you and I, Leslie, were made from the same lump. Not that you’re a lump… uh, moving on. Water is very important. It doesn’t just hydrate in that ‘i need water for my blood pressure’ kind of way, it also promotes healthier ligaments, tendons, and just about everything else. And hey, who doesn’t feel better after they pee, right? So if you’re peeing all the time, you’re naturally gonna feel better! And you know, I thought I would think of some way to make that roll into a neat thought… but I was wrong.

    I, too, go to school, and don’t finish many books. And you, you may not be cool, but you are definitely wonderful. You’re genuine and loving, and you’ve made many an evening so much better just by being there.

  3. jade winter said

    I can’t hardly imagine why I am the first to say this but UHHHHGGGHHUMMMMMMM! Leslie, you are simply one of the absolute most amazing top three humans that I have ever met, among Sufjan. bah ha, no but really. A heart of gold, that’s rare. An ability to bring joy to any sitution- undoubtebly unique. Steadfast and strong, you are one of the few.

    I find the beauty of the essence of nearly every part of who are to be about the coolest thing imaginable.

    I know that as your best friend I am partial, but I count myself to be an excellent judge of cool.

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