Being God

February 16, 2008

People want His power, His riches, His glory, His fame, but there are parts of “being God” that aren’t so glamorous. So much of God’s goodness is taken for granted. Now I know I am not making any profound statement when I say that but really I mean it. He gives, He loves, He protects, He comforts, the list goes on but no matter His goodness someone, somewhere is not acknowledging it. Tonight Jesse and I experienced our own lack of acknowledgment, on a much smaller scale but we still got a small taste of our own ungratefulness.
Tonight as Jesse was chopping wood, which is not even in the slightest out of the ordinary, a lady asked him if we had any extra because her mother (whom we assumed to be old, lonely and helpless) had been looking for some and was unable to find any. Well my husband out of his gracious heart offered to give her some of ours. Well when delivery time came we brought our wood and her wood to her door in a large basket (Why was our wood in the basket you ask? We don’t have a covered back porch so we keep our wood at the cave and we had gone there after aforementioned convo to chop it and such). We knocked and a man came to the door. This caught us off guard as we were expecting a little grey old lady. Well this man, Richard was his name, was having a romantic evening with said “old lady” who was really hot and scantily dressed. He cracked the door and proceeded to take all the wood very quickly (as we did not have time to ask for our wood) and with very little thanks. It was “Here’s the wood we chopped” and “oh good, see ya!” It was just a very brief interaction and it was mostly our expectations of a new friend in a little old lady that were let down but it was still the bitter parallel that gave us the reminder that God gives and gives and gives, the best of gifts and we just take it like we deserve it. We don’t, not even for one second.
What did we learn? I think I learned to give with out expectation. God gave His son to a bunch of thankless fools, the least I can do is give a not so old, grey, or lonely lady and her boyfriend some wood.


One Response to “Being God”

  1. melyssalaree said

    I actually don’t know what to say except that I liked the story. I could see you and Jesse getting real excited about the potentiality of being friends with an old lady over firewood. That is one of the reasons why I like you two.

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