one foot first

February 6, 2008

Dare we start?
We have started a new life together. We have started to put aside our old liberties and pick up the new ones. We have begun to learn what it means to be one instead of two. We have quite an adventure ahead of us of learning, loving, changing, giving, and living. We will try to stay interesting.


2 Responses to “one foot first”

  1. iseethemoon said

    yeah . . . check me out, waxing all eloquent 🙂 iloveyou two so much and am so glad you started this blog. Truly, with technology and all, it makes being away so very much easier. i mean, i can call ALL the time! ANY time! and its like I’m RIGHT THERE, ALWAYS – early in the mornings, right after breakfast, around 10 PM, in between your romantic dinners and glasses of wine . . . man, this is gonna be great!

  2. melyssalaree said

    i enjoy being your friend, both of you, separate and together.
    you better keep up this blog

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